Hamilton Cape-Horn

This Hamilton uses one of the most famous dive watch cases around: the compressor case. I believe it had a special way of sealing the case-back and these cases were used by many manufacturers.


The caseback has a big ‘600’ embossed in it, which I think is the waterproof depth in feet, as most of the other compressor watches I’ve seen are waterproof to 200m. 600ft is only 182.88m but that’s a detail I guess…


The lume on the hands looks very grainy. When I first got the watch I thought it was a poor re-lume job, but after studying some more pictures of these watches, they all showed the same grainy lume.

Unfortunately, the bottom crown on mine is no longer original and has no longer the trademark hash as the top crown…always on the lookout to find one though!


These compressors were actually rather small – 36mm. My brother likes watches to be a bit more ‘dressy’ and this Hamilton seems to be on a permanent loan to him…


~ by filipvanroy on February 3, 2009.

2 Responses to “Hamilton Cape-Horn”

  1. I have this watch, and I must say it’s a keeper!

  2. I bought one in 1975 at a small east Texas jeweller.. and I still wear it. Mine does not have the “cape horn” signature, but was called the “Aqua-Date.” I have it mounted on a Don Juan. If I remember correctly, paid $85 for the watch.

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