Nautilus Professional 500m Quartz


To be honest: I bought this watch just for the bezel.  Most you see of the ScubaPro and Eterna have a battered or completely faded bezel. As the Nautilus uses the same bezel as the ScubaPro 500 and Eterna KonTiki, it’s somewhat of a “poor man’s version” of those. And, I figuered if I ever come across a beat up one, I can use the Nautilus for parts.


I did find a ScubaPro and Eterna (more on those later), luckily with very good bezels, so this one could stay in one piece.

It’s a hefty piece, rated to 500m, helium protected (without a release valve). It even uses a screw down crown with external threads, just like the before mentioned two. And you just got to love that crown protector!


Lume is good too, and as it’s a quartz, an ideal beater watch with nice crisp printing and very legible dial.



~ by filipvanroy on June 18, 2009.

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