Eterna KonTiki Super

This is the 3rd and final installmant of the Nautilus-Scubapro-KonTiki trilogy: the Eterna KonTiki Super. These might be best known as they were also used by the IDF – Israeli Defense Force (mine’s a civilian). A real ‘tool’ watch.


For me, this watch became an instant favorite as soon as I got it. The Milanese mesh bracelet is a pleasure to wear (I think is the exact same as Omega’s as used on the PloProf and 1000m Seamaster) and the claps has the trademark Eterna ball bearings on it. And the watch has a nice size too with great bezel action and outstanding lume.


The only thing it did need was a new caseback seal; the original 70’s one turned to goo – according to my watchmaker a typical issue for that era due to a bad rubber used in the factory (I’ve also seen horror stories on the net of crystal seals turning to goo on Heuer Monaco’s and ruining the dial…)


And I must confess, the main reason I started my hunt for one of these, is the hands. The typical hour hand design and the long minute hand, reaching even over the minute markers. And it’s all in the details: the little dab of lume on the short side of the second hand – when I first got it I tought it was a sloppy relume until I compared with other pictures…


An absolute favorite!



~ by filipvanroy on September 16, 2009.

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