Germano & Walter 500m

Here’s a nice one I got some time ago: the Germano & Walter 500m ‘Nettuno’.

These watches grabbed my attention the very first time I saw one and was on the whish list ever since. I like it’s basic design a lot. Basically, these are a tribute to the Rolex Deep Sea Special, the one witch was fixed to the outside of the Bathyscape submarine when it went to it’s record dive to 3150m back in 1953.

The Germano & Walter is still for sale by the manufacturer, however, this one is a bit special compared to the ones you can still buy. It’s a pre-production prototype and has a different dial and different fixed non engraved bezel.

Huge screw down crown with an external thread on the tube. The crystal has a nice dome, but not as extreme as the Rolex DSS. This is a huge watch, but contrary to what you might think, it’s very balanced and a very wearable watch.

For more info on the Bathyscape/Deep Sea Special check this very informative link:


~ by filipvanroy on September 26, 2010.

One Response to “Germano & Walter 500m”

  1. These are amazing watches… Very retro-vintage looking!

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