Dugena Yacht chrono

I bought this watch for it’s resemblance to the Aquastar Depstar, one of my all time favorites – my Grail watch – which I’ve still not been able to obtain. Since they’re getting very expensive these days – when I started this hobby they were 250 euro’s, now up to 1250 – I wanted to test the waters with the Dugena.

I love the perpetual second hand – it’s a shape I’ve seen on no other watch but the Aquastar and Dugena. I also love the bigger than normal minute counter: it gives the watch a nice presence.

Also the case is near identical to the Aquastar with it’s straight lugs, as you can see it the comparison shot with a non-chrono Aquastar.

The two main differences are the bezel and movement: whilst the Aquastar is equipped with the column wheel Valjoux 23 or 92 (the 92 Deepstar doesn’t have the perpetual second hand though), this Dugena had a Valjoux 7733 doing it’s business inside.

All in all it was a nice watch, but I don’t think I would spend the extra cash on the Deepstar. Will have to look for a new Grail watch;-)


~ by filipvanroy on October 22, 2010.

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