Seiko orange 6309-729B

This must be one of the rarest Seiko 6309’s out there: the orange one!

A very colourful watch, not only because of the very in your face orange colour of the dial, but also the nice golden hands and then a black bezel insert.

Also, water resistance marking is very nice on these, with the blue and black colours.

And a bit of advice on buying an orange 6309: you might not expect these to be so rare, as about half of the 6309’s on ebay are orange. However, pretty much 99.9% of those have been assembled using a reprinted dial.

The most obvious telltale is the caseback: the black 6309 (for this casetype) is 729A, orange 729B. So if you see an orange 729A, it’s not the real deal.

Other telltales are a black rehaut and the printing on the bottom of the dial.


~ by filipvanroy on February 26, 2011.

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