Zodiac SeaWolf SST 36.000

I’m a big fan of dual crown, internal bezel divers; the Super Compressor watches from the 60’s and 70’s are amongst my favorite divers.

However, here’s a different kind of dual crown diver: the Zodiac SeaWolf SST 36.000.

These SeaWolf’s case design is nicknamed ‘coffin case’; look at the shape and it’ll be obvious.

As with all dual case divers, one crown operates the internal bezel and the other sets the movement. In this case, the movement is Zodiac’s own high beat 36.000 bph movement with day date feature: by pressing the crown, the date will quickset, day is set by turning the hands 24hours. This movement, since it is so accurate also featured hacking seconds, to ensure the time could be set very precise.

What’s also pretty special about this one is the dial: majority of the of these are black dial. The black hads give a very nice contrast against the silver dial. And it seems silver dials were not very popular on divers back in the day, which makes these survivers all the rarer.

Also a nice feature of the dial is the applied markers, which have a very cool wedge shape.


~ by filipvanroy on June 2, 2011.

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