Heuer Autavia cal.15 ‘racing’ dial

This is the ‘mysterious’ cal.15 Autavia with racing dial in the cal.11 case…for a long time there have been questions about this model’s authenticity. Hopefully this will now clear when I tell you how I came to find this watch…

This one came up for sale locally, very very cheap, but unfortunately, I was just too late and the owner sold it immediately.
To my luck, the new owner decided to flip it a couple days later, so with a hefty premium (over his price, but still a good deal for such a nice Autavia) I consider myself lucky.

The watch is in superb condition…except the original owner engraved his name on the side of the case.
But this is also a bit of ‘our’ luck, as this way I could trace the owner back and ask some questions about the authenticity and history of the watch.

The owner (now in his mid ’70s) bought it to dive and it has been used under water (!), but has never leaked and the movement is super nice.
He also told me it came on a rubber strap, and that’s one of the reasons he got it (for the diving).
It’s the original dial – not a service dial put in later.
Unfortunately he didn’t remember if the watch came in a blue or red box, but it was long gone anyway…
The watch was bought at a local dealer in the south of Belgium in 1979 or 1980. So this is in line with the picture of the display at Tag Heuer made during the 1st Heuer summit by Abel, where TH state it’s a ’78 model.

Also, when digging up some posts about these Autavia’s, the previous discoveries all had a 270xxx serial. Mine is a late 269xxx, so it must have been a close batch.

Hopefully this additional info clears some of the mystries of these Autavia’s.


~ by filipvanroy on September 24, 2011.

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