Heuer Super Professional 1000m

My favorite combo: Heuer AND a dive watch: the Heuer Super Professional 1000m.

Heuer made two 1000m divers: the Professional (which shares it’s case with Squale, Auricoste, Blancpain and others) and this Super Professional. Both were continued well into the TAG era but these can be seen as the last of the real Heuer’s.

The Super Professional shares a unique design feature with some of greatest divers out there: a monobloc case. To minimise the number of places where water can enter into the case, the is no removable caseback. So the watch needs to be serviced by removing first bezel, glass, then crown and then lift out the movement. Some other famous divers designed this way were the Omega Ploprof, Omega 1000m and ofcourse, the Jenny Caribbean, the very first 1000m diver.

The Super Professional could be ordered with a ‘dive kit’. This kit includes two rubber bracelets on top of the metal bracelet fitted, a diving table and a strap removal tool. Not a lot of extras, but it still nearly doubled the original selling price of the watch. This also means there are not many out there which include this kit (mine unfortunately as well).



~ by filipvanroy on December 28, 2013.

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