Omega PloProf 600m

The Omega PloProf! For who ever is into vintage dive watches like me, the PloProf is part of those must have watches. Distinctive design (even Omega acknowledged that in the add for the watch: ugly on the surface, but deep down it’s beautiful) and lots of provenance. Designed especially for divers and diving, and nothing else! Designed for and with J-J Cousteau – the most famous diver ever (apat from Dirk Pitt maybe), these were double the price of a Rolex Submariner when new. So it shouldn’t be a surprise these are costly still today and pretty rare!

Mine was fitted with an original Omega signed orange Isofrane strap and buckle. With it’s bright orange colour it sets the watch even more apart than it would on the original choice of bracelets.

My experience with the watch: it’s smaller (but still big) and more wearable than you would think! Which is a good thing, as these ain’t exactly cheap and so it’s actually possible to enjoy them on the wrist 🙂



~ by filipvanroy on December 28, 2013.

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