Favre Leuba Deep Blue Super Compressor

Here’s a special Favre Leuba Deep Blue. There’s another post about a different case style of Deep Blue here.

This one’s a bit special with it’s lugless Super Compressor case. The case may look familiar with it’s tension ring for the glass, but in fact it is a bit smaller than the usual single crown, external bezel case in the same style (in fact, there’s also a Deep Blue in the bigger case). Still good size though by today’s standards at 45mm top to bottom and 40mm wide. The bigger model is a whopping 50mm top to bottom and 42mm wide.

The dial is a beautiful blue-green brushed finish with hands that stand out from the crowd – look at that minute hand!


So what makes this one special then? First off: the internal rotating bezel, which can be turned by the crown at two. But even more special is the fact both crowns are screw down! I have never seen another Super Compressor with twin screw down crowns.


Both crowns have the Favre Leuba hourglass emblem on them. A very nice watch, and definitely not one you’ll come across often!




~ by filipvanroy on December 30, 2013.

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