Omega flightmaster cal.910

Long time since I’ve posted on here…hope to put some new momentum in this blog.

Here’s a chrono I’ve added to the stables: the Omega flightmaster. Yes, without a capital ‘F’, as Omega did on the dial and caseback.


There is a lot going on with the design of this watch, but I feel it’s still very well balanced. The crowns and pushers on the left hand side of the case are for your usual time setting and chrono features, while the crowns on the right hand side move the internal bezel and the (12h) GMT hand (the blue one).

The crowns and pushers are also cleverly colour coded: the internal bezel is black, so the crown which is used to rotate it has a black dot on it. Similar for the blue GMT hand, which has a blue dot.


The chrono pushers are dual colour: red and yellow. Why? The chrono hands on mine are all yellow (optional), where the standard hands were red. The yellow option hands were available for airline pilots where red light was used in the cabin.


There were two variations of this pilot watch: the first 910 which was replaced by the 911.

Difference between them are in the movement, case and bracelet. While the 910 has a 24h indicator at 9, this is replaced in the 911 with a running seconds hand. The case of the 911 is also a lot thicker and also the bracelet style changed slightly.

So, mine is a 910 with the correct 1159 bracelet and the optional yellow hands. The sub dials have turned to a lovely brown patina. I love it!


~ by filipvanroy on September 21, 2014.

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