Tudor Submariner 79090

This here is my Tudor Submariner. I bought this watch as I’ve had a hankering for a Rolex Submariner 1680 for the longest time, and, before shelling out the big money wanted to find out if it’ll be worth it.


When I first got it I was very much underwhelmed…the watch is smallish, very light and it came with the original Tudor/Rolex folded bracelet, which is very flimsy. Still in it’s original length it was also way to big for my wrists and since they are pretty valuable, I didn’t want to shorten it (not easy to do) in case I’d ever sell it. I was also not sold on the sliding bezel instead of a clicking one…I got me an aftermarket solid link bracelet instead and gave it another try.

Well, it’s still light and small, but once on the wrist it’s pretty much a perfect watch.


The dial is super clean and very easy to read. The high top plexi is great, the cyclops doesn’t bother me at all and is actually very useful – never understood what the negative comments were all about.


So how ’bout the 1680 then? Will I get one? Still not sure, but until then, I’m sure I’ll enjoy this Tudor very much!



~ by filipvanroy on November 15, 2014.

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