Certina DS-3 Super PH1000M


Here’s my Certina DS-3 Super PH1000M. A tall name for a tall watch: this monster is just under 19mm thick!


‘DS’ was used by Certina to identify their line of watches with a revolutionary ‘Double Safety’ method of putting the movement in the watch case. The DS watches had a plastic movement holder which allowed for better shock absorption on top of the Incabloc shock protection of the movement itself.

With it’s 1000M waterproof, these were the watch of choice for the Australian Navy.

This one has a pristine black dial with it’s lume beautifully aged to a patina yellow matching the sword hands.


Bezel is a 60 click uni-directional, which should be pushed to move it. The bezel spring on mine has worn out and needs to be replaced, as it moves too easy.

As I understood, the DS3 and DS2 versions of the Super PH1000M are identical in shape and dimension, both with automatic hacking movement, but the DS3 a quick set date.

I will add some additional info on the  quartz DS3 seen in some of the pictures at a later time.



~ by filipvanroy on December 1, 2014.

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